Pilates for Dancers

Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a system of exercises designed to strengthen your entire physical structure. For its many benefits, dancers have turned to Pilates as a supplement to their routines for years. Learn more with Core Strong about how Pilates helps dancers and athletes gain a competitive edge.

Pilates at Its Core

Pilates involves a series of movements designed to strengthen your muscles and stabilize your core. Done in a specific order, Pilates exercises can be performed on a mat, on a Pilates reformer, or at a barre.

Though you will certainly feel the workout, you may not even break a sweat. Pilates is low-impact exercise that engages your body gently. Pilates helps improve your flexibility and joint coordination without drastically increasing your heart rate.

Benefits of Pilates for Dancers

Practicing pilates can help you develop your muscles without necessarily building bulk. For dancers, this is a great way to ensure your core gets stronger and your muscles get stronger without fear of drastically changing your body’s shape.

Pilates also helps improve focus and breathing. Pilates exercises isolate various muscle groups, which can help improve your patience and concentration while simultaneously strengthening your body. Through lengthening your muscles, Pilates can also help you improve your flexibility and posture. Your newfound balance and control gained through Pilates can translate into graceful, effortless dance coordination. In no time, you will find that your turns are smoother, your turnout is fuller, and your jumps are higher.

Pilates with Core Strong

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