Core Strong
Birmingham's Premiere Classical Pilates Studio

Core Strong exists because everything we do at Core Strong originates with proper movement. Core Strong uses state of the art Centerline™ equipment by Balanced Body, which is the most accurate, precise, and beautiful equipment on the market.  We utilize Centerline™ Reformers, Tower Systems, Cadillacs, High Ladder Barrels, Spine Correctors and Chairs.

 If we don’t move correctly, we can never reach our full potential, whether in Pilates, other sports such as golf or tennis, or just life in general. The human physiology has been the same for thousands of years, the only difference is that the sedentary life most of us live has become the root cause of most of our pain.  Most injuries and pain we endure come from our movement and postural related dysfunction. The daily loads from bad posture (how you sit at your desk or stand) or bad movement (how you walk/run, get up and down stairs, etc.) add up and begin to become your everyday “physical state”.  Your body will buffer the bad mechanics until it can’t, that’s when injury and/or pain happens. This is referred to as a “lagging indicator”, a problem came long after the movement or pattern was introduced. It’s too late.

We want to educate our clients on how to maintain their own their bodies and integrate better movement and biomechanics into their movement practice and daily lives. Through a deeper understanding of your own physiology and biomechanics you can achieve an optimal physical and mental state. Move better to feel better!