Pilates for Golfers

Are you looking for a new type of workout that will help you see results on the green? Pilates may be the perfect solution! Golfers often experience muscle imbalance, which affects not only your performance, but also your body’s overall stamina and potential. Keep your body stretched and strong. Learn more about Pilates for golfers with Core Strong of Birmingham, AL.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise involving a series of movements that work to strengthen your core and help you improve your balance. Pilates exercises are typically done in a specific order with an emphasis on control. Pilates can help you gain muscles and improve flexibility. Because of these benefits, Pilates is the perfect way for athletes, especially golfers, to improve their game.

Why Pilates for Golfers?

Pilates strengthens the core of your body from your pelvis to your shoulders. Strength in your core can help improve your range of motion, especially in your shoulders. It can also improve your hip rotation and back stability. Through focused breathing, you can also improve your patience and concentration.

What Are the Performance Benefits of Pilates?

There are many performance benefits for golfers that come with Pilates. Because Pilates helps you increase the range of motion in your shoulders, your golf backswing and follow-through can significantly improve. By elongating your spine, you can improve stability and strength, which can help you create a swing that is evenly distributed and therefore a lot smoother.

No more pain! By increasing your flexibility and stability, you can also achieve a stronger hip turn and therefore a more powerful swing without experiencing fatigue during your performance. You will find Pilates can strengthen your abdominals as well, which can help your improve your distance.

Improve Your Game with Core Strong

Looking to improve your form, increase your stamina, and strengthen your core? Learn more about Core Strong Pilates in Birmingham, AL. Our professionals can help you build up your muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your game in no time. Contact us today to get started!