Kelley Davis 


Kelley is an Alabama native and has been in Birmingham since graduating from Birmingham Southern College with a BA in Dance and a BS in Biology. Her introduction to Pilates came shortly thereafter through the dance world – using Mat exercises for core strengthening and increasing flexibility.  She was impressed with how Pilates changed her body.  In 2012, when re-entering the workforce after time off with her daughter, Kelley decided to pursue her Pilates Mat and Equipment teaching certification through a program with Balanced Body University in Atlanta. During this time, she continued to notice progress in how her body moved and functioned.  Pilates seemed to even out the asymmetries and help her joints operate pain free.  She enjoyed teaching and seeing her clients benefit from Pilates, as well.  When a neck injury sidelined Kelley in 2014, it was much in thanks to Pilates that she was able to return to an active lifestyle with close to full range of her original movement.  Kelley continues to train with some of the most experienced Pilates instructors in the Birmingham area.  A recent highlight in her work was participating in a Kathy Grant retrospective workshop with Master Instructor Cara Reeser.   In her free time, Kelley enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and daughter.