Core Strong is excited to now offer our valued clients a Membership option for Private, Duet and Trio lessons, and Group and Mat classes.  Membership is not only convenient but also is the most economic payment option available. 

Membership is offered as either a 1 time per week option or a 2 time per week option for any of our lessons, classes, or combinations thereof.  As a Core Strong Member, a credit card or bank account will be billed every 28 days for the amount of the option chosen, each month, for 3 consecutive months.  Membership will be automatically renewed but can be terminated at the end of any 3 month cycle.

Members have the entire 28-day cycle to complete the number of sessions chosen. For instance, if a member selects the 1 time per week option and is unable to attend a select week, the member may take 2 or more lessons in a week as make up.  If the member’s usual instructor is unavailable at a specific time, Core Strong will work to schedule the member with another talented Core Strong instructor.

To the extent that a holiday shortened month or the studio’s closure during ordinary business hours interferes with a standing appointment, the affected appointment may be “carried over” to the next billing cycle.  Otherwise, lessons are not cumulative and do not carry over beyond the original 28 day cycle.

Duet & Trio Membership

In order to participate in a Duet or Trio Membership, all Members in a group must participate in the same plan.  If one Member in a group is unable to attend a lesson and is then not able to make up with another standing Duet or Trio, the Member will be given the option to upgrade to a Private lesson for the discounted rate associated with the Membership level (1 or 2 time per week pricing).